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I am currently in the process of creating an Ebook version of Grammar-phobia, but this option is not yet available. However the book can be downloaded in PDF format and if you wish to puchase this version, I will send you the Ebook conversion as a free update when it is ready.

There will eventually be A4 size printed books as well, so please return in due course for further news.
As an introductory offer, I am making the Grammar-phobia PDF / Ebook available for just 10 euros.

The download contains two PDF files (Adobe Acrobat format). The first file contains the introductory pages and the second the main body of the book. Downloads will remain available for 48 hours after purchase. If you encounter any problems, please inform me via the email link below.
Also note that the downloads are for individual use and are electronically tagged, please DO NOT distribute to any third party

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Email to: pw@grammar-phobia.com