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My first acknowledgement goes to Chris Peskett. Chris is a very special young man whose illustrations bring life, light and humour to what, let’s face it, could be such a dry subject.


Many thanks also to Tara, my wife, who put up with me rattling on about similes and superlatives at all times of day and night and did a terrific job of tidying up my unprincipled prose. Grateful thanks to Esther Fishman for looking over my shoulder, red pen in hand and also to my friend Giovanni Di Stefano for helping me move this project on from manuscript to book.


If any errors or inconsistencies remain, then they are surely mine and mine alone.


Finally, I would like to dedicate this book to my Mum and Dad.

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About the author:

Peter Ware was born in London in 1957 and is best known as a music producer. Peter and his family moved to Worcestershire in 1990 and emigrated to Spain in 2003.

Email to: pw@grammar-phobia.com